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3 Day Real Estate Training and BUS Tour

August 23rd – 25th in Sacramento

Join Real Estate Expert and Investor Tapan Trivedi as he takes you on a journey of how Real Estate Investments can change your life.

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What We Do

We provide high-quality training to up-and-coming real estate entrepenuers who want to build their kingdom through savvy real estate investing. Our training and events are packed full of information with no fluff.

“I find this place awe-inspiring. Come join me if you like learning about investing”
– Jane Holmquist

In addition to training, we also host the largest meetup in Sacramento and exciting multifamily investment opportunities.

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We are the largest Real Estate Investing Association in Sacramento, providing quality speakers and information several times a month. Click Here to learn more.


Join Real Estate Expert and Investor Tapan Trivedi as he takes you on a journey of how Real Estate Investments can change your life.


We provide our students and members with a number of resources including our advisors, tax forms, training, and investing opportunities.


With a portfolio worth over 50 million dollars, we are experts at multifamily investing.

Why Multifamily?

Bigger Cash Flow

Each complex is made up of several paying tenants, thus generating multiple times the amount of money as a single-family property.



When you want to grow your portfolio, multifamily is the way to go. Inside each complex is multiple units of income streams, acquiring a multifamily complex is the best way to increase the number of income streams quickly, rather than slowly building a portfolio of single-family properties.


Consistent cash generation

When one tenant moves out, you still have other tenants paying rent, thus keeping your property generating cash while you search for a new tenant. Single-family properties do not generate cash flow between tenants.

Better Financing

Multifamily investments enjoy a preferential mortgage market and better funding terms relative to other types of commercial real estate.

Better control of value

Unlike single-family homes, which are priced based on other homes in the area and their sale price, multifamily properties are calculated based on their cashflow, which gives you more control over the value based on the rent you charge.


Low Volatility

Multifamily has historically been the least volatile among commercial real estate asset classes. Whereas markets for industrial, office, and retail more closely align with macro and micro-economic forces.

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What Others Say

“I got an insight into the minds and actions of people doing actual deals”


“He answered all the tough questions. I feel much more prepared now.”


“I learned more in this class then a class I had spent $12,000 on.”


About Tapan Trivedi

Pricipal, Capital City Wealth Builders

Being born in a 3rd World country like India didn’t stop Tapan Trivedi from succeeding. Growing up poor taught him the lessons he needed to learn at an early age. Starting a job delivering tea at 7 years old while still attending school he learned the meaning of hard work and perseverance.

Upon arriving in America and finishing his Masters Degree he realized that his newfound home had a lot more to offer than just the boring corporate job he was doing. Even though he had a cushy corporate job he quit it to do something more worthwhile for himself and his family.

Tapan quit his job and started investing in Real Estate full time. He got an opportunity to run the largest REIA in Sacramento and has more than quadrupled its size since running it.

Tapan has gone to become a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor building an impressive portfolio all the while educating students on the same techniques that made him successful.