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With Tapan Trivedi

Discover my secret for finding high profit local deals, even if you DON’T HAVE MUCH time or money (watch over my shoulder as I reveal my exact step-by-step system)

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SUN SEP 22, 1 – 3 PM

SUN SEP 22, 3:30 – 5:30

All events take place at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento


Learn how I wholesaled a single deal in Sacramento in under 3 days for a whopping profit of $80,000 with little time or money. This approach is perfect if you already have a day job and want to generate additional income.

My "Diamond in the Rough" ACQUISITION Strategy

Discover how I purchased the lowest priced home sold in Sacramento County in the last 20 years for $4K and rented it for $1400/mo. (then leverage this approach for your own investments).


A surefire way to raise up to $1,000,000 in as little as 3 months, and how you can use it to generate life-changing wealth with just 1 deal (you’ll be amazed how simple this approach is). 

Time Is Running out
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For two hours Tapan Trivedi himself will lead you through the exact techniques that have made him phenomenally successful and have given him the kind of time and financial freedom that most people can only dream about. Discover how you can implement the same techniques and change your financial future in a short time.


You KNOW that you can make money by investing in Real Estate but don’t know the steps.

You don’t know if your savings are going to be enough for your retirement, and you’re worried you will run out of money.

Your Cash flow just isn’t enough to make it through the month.

You have laid awake at night worrying about sending your kids to college.

You have seen people make mega checks in real estate flipping houses and you’re ready to take action and get your own checks.

You are under the false impression that you NEED money to make money in Real Estate.

You don’t know that you can create a completely paid off Rental Portfolio in as little as 7 years without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

You would like to own the apartment complex that you lived in while in college.

Join me for 2 content-packed hours of eye opening (and potentially lucrative) real estate training.


*Each workshop is limited to 40 participants. Register today to secure your spot.

Meet Your PResenter

Founder & CEO, Build Your Kingdom
Meetup Organizer, Sacramento Real Estate Investment Club

Being born in a 3rd World country like India didn’t stop Tapan Trivedi from succeeding. Growing up poor taught him the lessons he needed to learn at an early age. Starting a job delivering tea at 7 years old while still attending school he learned the meaning of hard work and perseverance.

Upon arriving in America and finishing his Masters Degree he realized that his newfound home had a lot more to offer than just his boring corporate job so he quit his cushy corporate job to do something more worthwhile for himself and his family.

Tapan started investing in Real Estate full time and seized the opportunity to run the largest REIA in Sacramento, more than quadrupling its size. He has become a Multimillionaire Real Estate Investor building an impressive portfolio, while educating students on the  techniques that made him wealthy.

Tapan Trivedi started his journey with a small Line of Credit that he received from a little-known company. He used it to pay a ‘guru’ who taught him enough to be dangerous. He then networked and clawed his way from failure to failure until he succeeded at a level that had him leading one of the largest REIA’s in California while building a portfolio of real, paper and digital assets.

The market is vastly different today, yet there is still a huge opportunity to build your own kingdom. We live in a world where you don’t have to be ‘born’ a king. You can, with sheer determination and the right knowledge and support, BUILD YOUR KINGDOM.

So here’s Tapan’s promise to you – bring your determination and your focus and he will bring the right knowledge and the team. Sound fair?

What People Say About Tapan’s Training

“I got an insight into the minds and actions of people doing actual deals”

Kevin Schayltz

“He answered all the tough questions. I feel much more prepared now.”

Michelle Mitchell

“I learned more in this class then a class I had spent $12,000 on.”

Jeff Shem


Join Sacramento real estate investment specialist Tapan Trivedi for 2 hours of mind-blowing real estate training

SUN Sep 22, 1 – 3 PM

SUN Sep 22, 3:30 – 5:30